Songstress Iona Drops Bombshell As She Subtly Confirms Doing Lesbobo With Mzbel (+ Video

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Iona and Mzbel are lesbians

Songstress Iona and Mzbel were the best of friends till it got to a point where the centre could no longer hold, therefore, “Things Fall Apart” as in the voice of the late Chinua Achebe.

But from critical analysis of issues, the relationship that existed between Songstress Iona and Mzbel was more than just a mother-god daughter relationship.

This is because Iona in an Instagram Live session has made it emphatic that Mzbel ‘broke her heart’ whilst looking like someone on the verge of tears.

Iona claims that her heart has only been broken twice in her life – once by a former lover and once by Mzbel, placing Mzbel’s broken heart into an amorous category.

From the logical perspective, for Songstress Iona to publicly admit that Mzbel broke her heart speaks volumes considering their sexes. Besides, the two have been constantly accused of being lesbians throughout their relationship but they both denied it.

However, Iona carelessly appears to confirm it in this video.

Watch video below:

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