Sonji Roi; Bio, Career, Marriage With Mohammed Ali

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Sonji Roi was born in the United States of America on 23rd November, 1945. She holds American citizenship and is also an actor who has been featured in some movies. She is popularly known for being the wife of the legendary boxer, Mohammed Ali. Presently, there isn’t any information about her family, relatives or siblings.


Net Worth

Sonji Roi’s net worth was estimated to be $1-5million at the time of her death. Her major source of income was acting. She made a lot of money from the films she was cast in.

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Sonji Roi and Mohammed Ali

Sonji Roi
Sonji Roi and ex-husband, Mohammed Ali

Sonji Roi and the legendary Mohammed Ali met for the first time in the year 1964 in the month of July. Before their relationship could become suspicious, Mohammed Ali had manned up and proposed to her on the first night. On 14th August within the same year, their wedding took place in Gary, Indiana. At that point in time, Mohammed Ali had not converted to Islam. He was referred to as Cassius Marcellus Clay so his wife carried his surname, Clay and was called Mrs. Sonji Clay.

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The marriage between Mohammed Ali and his wife didn’t stay for long. It lasted for only two years. According to reliable sources, the major cause of Mohammed Ali’s marriage fall was because of his conversion to Islam. According to his wife, she was so uncomfortable and found it hard to accept and practice the tradition in Islam.

He moved to Chicago after the divorce for settlement. There, she met her second husband whose name was Reynaldo Glover, business adviser, a corporate lawyer and a former chairman of the City Colleges of Chicago.

Reynaldo Glover and his wife were blessed with a son whose name was Brian Reynaldo Jr. Her relationship with Reynaldo Glover did not also last long. She gave birth to Herman Griffin with another man. She sadly passed away in the year 2005 at her home from a heart attack.



Sonji Roi
Sonji Roi sitting in a car

She used to be a waitress at nightclubs to help her raise some money for her upkeep. Her coincidental meeting with Mohammed Ali was at the club she worked in. Formerly, she is reported to have been in the modelling field before her job at the club. If it would be studied, she was a fashion lover and mostly in makeups and loves to club.

Just after she has successfully separated from her husband, Mohammed Ali, she picked a career as a singer. Her voice was smooth on the mic. Unlucky enough, her music career did not also stay for long.

Sonji Roi Cause of Death

According to reliable sources, Sonji Roi died of a heart attack at her home.

Sonji Roi Children

Sonji Roi had a child with Reynaldo Glover. His name is Reynaldo Glover and the other is Herman Griffin with another man.

Sonji Roi Age

Sonji Roi was 60 years when she passed away on 11th October, 2005.

Summary Profile

Name: Sonji Roi

Date of Birth: 23rd November, 1945

Aged: 60 years (2005)

Death Date: 11th October 2005

Ex-husbands: Reynaldo Glover, Mohammed Ali

Children: Brian Reynaldo, Herman Griffin

Net Worth: $1-5million

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