Sonnie Badu blames the devil as he involves in accident a week to his mega concert in Ghana

Sonnie Badu, a preacher and artist from Ghana, has posted on his social media accounts the tragic news of an accident that happened on November 30, 2023.

The tragedy reportedly necessitated extensive surgery for the British church planter and pastor of the Rock Hill congregation.

In a Facebook message, the “Wonder God” singer Badu profusely apologized to churches and media organizations for any disappointment that might have arisen from his recovery and his inability to participate in scheduled events.

The highly anticipated “Sonnie Badu Live In Concert—Rhythms of Africa” performance, which Sonnie Badu has promised his Ghanaian followers and the general public, would go on as scheduled on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

See his post below:

Why Sonnie Badu is always in the news?

Sonnie Badu is someone whose lifestyle contradicts the profession of the sacred and noble associates himself.

Y’all know that, as a gospel musician, one should live a low-key life; however, Sonnie Badu is the direct opposite.

Recently, Sonnie Badu was in the news about pork.

According to him, eating pork makes you unclean and can go a long way toward harming you by attracting witches.

Sonnie Badu
Sonnie Badu get Tattoo

There have been opposing opinions on his post, and it has got fans talking about it and sharing their thoughts.

But in reality, pork, according to the Bible, is the least animal that God created. This animal was created to keep our area and city clean.

The Bible says anyone who eats it has sinned against God. All that Sonnie Badu said concerning pork is a powerful revelation to help you spiritually and physically.


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