Sonnie Badu in hot waters over ‘Fake’ Honorary PhDs – Full GIST

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The desire to be called a doctor undeservedly is leading some Ghanaians to adopt new strategies toward the attainment of their goal.

These individuals and their accomplices seem to be telling themselves that since men have learned to shoot without missing, they, like the birds in Chinua Achebe’s adage, have also learned to fly without perching.

In this case, however, the hunters have caught up with the slyly birds in their attempt to outwit the hunters. To be blunt, the so-called honorary doctorate degrees for Ghanaian musician Sonnie Badu is taunted to be FAKE provided the exposé of Manuel Nii Martey Mensah is anything to go by.

Manuel Nii Martey Mensah
Manuel Nii Martey Mensah

Read below what Manuel posted on his Facebook page after series of thorough research into the enviable credentials of Sonnie Badu.

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3 Degrees in 4 Months and a Professorial Certificate?

See let’s get serious. I don’t care if he’s your favourite gospel musician or pastor but let’s give Credibility where it’s due.

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In the world of academia it takes 4 years to earn a Bachelor’s Degree, a maximum average of 2-3 years to do a Masters (talking about expected duration of the programme) and 3 – 4 years averagely for a Doctorate.

This has been the standard world over and I know not of any school that goes less than these.

Scrolling through my IG feed, I chanced on the first image where ‘Dr.’ Sonnie Badu had been awarded a Professorial Certificate proudly posted with a nice caption.

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The academic inquisitiveness of mine got me to Google Scholar, searching how contribution to knowledge for which he has attained this feat.

Mind you, the title of Professor is earned based on the number of papers written and contribution to knowledge not only in the classroom but beyond.

In some countries, professor is a title to depict lecturer so we could have Dr. Mensah (Professor at Facebook department). In British jurisdictions the title of Professor is awarded based on one’s contribution to knowledge in a particular field. Mostly attaining Associate Professor before Full Professorship. Well, Sonnie has no papers published in his name and since the University is in the US, let’s just say maybe he’s landed a teaching appointment there.

I therefore proceeded to check the awarding university cos the name itself sounded funny and to my ‘delight’ I chanced on the news article below.

The University awarding him Professorship was able to get him Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in 4 months and that’s how he uses the title Dr. Badu now.

I mean let’s be serious. 4 months for three degrees? Eeiii…na even Patrick Addaquay who is Music Blooded koraa how many years did he use to get his PhD in Music?

Or maybe the God we serve dey dash degrees to those who sing the most, preach the most and tithe the most?

This is Unmerited Favour beyond God’s Comprehension sef.

It’s sad we are producing academic scams Globally and there’s no institution to check it. I sincerely don’t see the difference between this and Obinim calling himself Dr. Bishop.

This scam dieeer people can’t talk because it is packaged in English and probably, their favourite artist is involved.


If you’ve ever doubted the existence of a Miracle Working God, I hope this inspires you.

Screenshot below:

Manuel Nii Martey Mensah exposes Sonnie Badu
Manuel Nii Martey Mensah exposes Sonnie Badu
Manuel Nii Martey Mensah exposes Sonnie Badu
Manuel Nii Martey Mensah exposes Sonnie Badu




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