Sonnie Badu Says His Motive To Help Yaw Siki Was Not To Embarass Him But..

Gospel Sonnie Badu has in an exclusive interview with Live Fm’s Antoine Mensah disclosed that, his offer to help Yaw Siki wasn’t made out of malice or to embarrass him in anyway. Sonnie mentioned that Yaw Siki’s story was a touchy one for him which was the reason he offered to help.

“My motive was to let him know that we are there for him. It was a touchy subject when he said he depends on money from people when he preaches. My motive was not to embarass him, if that is how he felt I apologize. ”

Last week, Yaw Siki, who is famous for the song ‘Wope Dodo’ told Graphic Showbiz  he is not interested in Badu’s offer to help him because he felt  that the offer was made public just for human praise and deemed it ‘‘dishonourable’.

“If he truly wanted to assist, he could have contacted me first without making it public. I’m not in support of that because my Christian beliefs are against that so upon careful consideration, I had to turn down the offer.”

Many are of the view that Sonnie could have offered his help without necessarily making it known through social media but some also posited that, Sonnie did it out o good intent.

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