Soo Crazy: A Louis Vuitton TOILET Available On The Market Now It’s Being Sold At Ghc450,000–Would You Buy It?

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Are you a Louis Vuitton lover? Then there’s a Louis Vuitton TOILET that’s being sold for some Ghc450,000-so would you buy it?

If you want to do the thing in style, then this gold-plated Louis Vuitton commode is all you need right now. It was made from 24 leather Louis Vuitton bags and the artists who designed this, known as Illma Gore spent 3 months working on this idea.

So if you are thinking of adding some class and have your own luxurious loo, then this creation sold in the market for about Ghc450,000 and you can grab it.

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Each piece was sourced from designer resale site and the toilet itself is currently on display at the Tradesy showroom in California. 

While it’s likely you’d presume the piece to be art along the lines of Marcel Duchamp’s porcelain urinal ‘Fountain’, Ms Gore has created the toilet to be a fully functioning model.

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Which means, should you desire, you can connect to the plumbing in your home, and it will do the job of flushing your business when you’re done.


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