Sophia Stockwell Biography and Net Worth

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Sophia Stockwell is best known as the daughter of the late American film actor Dean Stockwell and Joy Marchenko. Sophia was born on August 5, 1985 in the United States of America. She grew up with her brother named Austin Stockwell.

Sophia Stockwell Father

Sophia’s father was a famous American film and television actor who has over seventy years of experience in his career. He is called Dean Sock well.

Dean Stockwell appeared in the movie industry as a child actor under the contract to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Anchors Aweigh, The Green Years, Gentelman’s Agreement, and Kim are some of the interesting films Dean starredin.

Sophia Stockwell
A young Sophia Stockwell and her father
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Dean rose to fame when he played the role of Rear Admiral Albert “Al” Calavicci in Quantum Leap from 1989 to 1993. He later played the role of Brother Cavin in the Sci-Fi Channel revival of the Battlestar Galactica from 2004 to 2009.

Sophia Stockwell’s father’s death

Sophia’s father Dean passed on on November 7, 2021 from a natural cause. Earlier in 2005, Dean suffered health complications. Dean recovered from stroke in 2015, and has retired from his acting career, his wife Joy detailed in 2017.

Sophia Stockwell relationship status

Sophia Stockwell is a very secretive person that usually keep her private life away from the media. She never spoke about her mutual relationship so far. Informations relating to her love life is not yet known. Details on whether she is married and to whom is still under the veil. Up till now, there is no details about her previous relationship and the current relationship too.

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Sophia Stockwell educational background

Since Sophia never involved the media in her private life, nothing is known about her educational background too. Researches are underway to discover the elementary, high school and the university she attended.

Sophia Stockwell career

Sophia came to the spotlight of the media because of her famous father. Unlike many celebrities who involve the media in their everyday life, Sophia is quite different from them. She didn’t discuss anything regarding her career to anyone. So her career or job is still not discovered.

Sophia Stockwell Height

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Sophia Stockwell stands at an average height and based on her appearance in photos, she’s quite tall in stature. However details about her actual height and other body measurements are yet to be revealed.

When it comes to weight, she has a moderate weight of a lady but has not shared her actual weight yet.

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Sophia Stockwell current residence

Sophia is yet to share her precise location of residence due to reasons believed to be affiliated to security.

She is still alive and there is no record of her battling with any health issue. So she’s in sound health as at now.

Sophia Stockwell social media channels

Since the celebrity daughter keeps almost all her life away from the spotlight of the media, there is no details regarding her being active on any social media channel.

Sophia Stockwell net worth

Since Sophia is known as a very secretive lady, there is absolutely nothing relating to her source of income and hence there is no calculated or estimated net worth for her.


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