Sora Yang Cause Of Death Linked To Suicide 

Sora Yang is an American dancer, choreographer, YouTuber, Instagram star, and social media influencer.

She is popular for collaborating and working with numerous TV shows, and K-pop artists including Billie Eilish. She is also famous for being named in the “25 to Watch in 2021″ list of a famous dance magazine.

Sora was born and raised in California, USA along with her family. She attended a local high school and graduated, she found her passion for dancing in high school and decided to make a career in the same field. She received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. As a dancer, she amassed initial fame on YouTube by sharing her dancing videos.

The article is going to give insight into her untimely death and how it all came about, we also going to dive a little deeper into her personal life. 

Sora Yang Death: How Did She Die? 

This heartbreaking event involved a distressing assault by 12 K-Drama Directors, further compounding the tragedy,  This tragic incident also involved her sister, resulting in a profound sense of grief and loss that has touched the hearts of many.

It is believed they both took their lives out of frustration with the directors of the 12 K-Drama group.

Sora Yang Age 

Sora was born on March 2, 1991, and was raised in California. Her tragic death happened on September 25, 2023. She was 32 years old. 

Who was Sora Yang Boyfriend? 

Sora Yang has been engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jonathan Shay, a dancer and social media celebrity. Both share their romantic photos and videos on different social media platforms.



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