Soulja Boy throws weight behind Kanye West against Pete Davidson, tells him, ‘stop playing before we come and mush you’

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Despite drawing himself as Kanye West’s antagonist in recent times after he taunted him when his marriage with Kim Kardashian ended, Soulja Boy has emerged to throw his weight behind the rapper against Pete Davidson.

Soulja Boy in a fiery tone shared in the form of a new video asked the comedian to take precautionary measures otherwise other rappers might come after him. He said;

“You better watch your motherf-cking mouth, n-gga. I do not like how you talking to Kanye,” said Soulja Boy. “Can’t no one talk to Kanye like that but me! What the f-ck you mean you laying up in the bed with his wife, he can pull up and do this and that? Boy, stop playing before we come and mush your punk ass up.”

Soulja added, “PSA! Watch your f-cking mouth when you talking to Kanye like that! I don’t know who the f-ck you think you is but you not Big Draco. Do not talk to Kanye like that no more! Or you gone have me on your ass, n-gga. Goddamn Kim Kardashian got you feelin’ yourself a little bit too much. Got to bring you back to reality, Skete.”

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Last month, also had a go at Ye saying:

“Kanye, wake up. Skete got yo bitch n-gga, whatchu gon do? Is you gon keep posting memes of Marvel vs. Capcom or you gon lay the smackdown? That’s what the fuck you get n*gga! N*gga tried to play me. N*gga, you know who the fuck I am? I’m Big Draco and now you running around Hollywood crying like a b*tch.”

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