South Africa: Man Proposes Marriage To His Girlfriend At Her Father’s Funeral (+VIDEO)

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A man has gone viral after using an unconventional way to propose marriage to his girlfriend of many years.

We usually become vulnerable when we lose a loved one. We become emotionally unstable and dependent on those who bring us comfort. That was the case of a lady who had lost her father and was trying her best to overcome the pain.

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To prove his undying love to her, the young lady’s boyfriend went on his to propose marriage to her while her father’s corpse was yet to be put inside the grave. Her father’s funeral was still ongoing when it happened.

There have been mixed reactions on social media since then. Most people felt the man took advantage of the young lady’s grief to propose to her.

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Others found his actions sweet and romantic. What do you think of it? Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us.

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