South African Prophetess And Her Husband Go Viral And Here Is Why (+PHOTOS)

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A South African Prophetess Nono Jaravaza of Observers Ministries International are going viral over some of their photos.

Usually Pastors and their wives are often expected to look a certain way.
They are expected to look modest, decent, and presentable.

Pastors wives are expected to wrap their hair in a scarf, do little hair and makeup, wear decent clothes, and add no artificial beauty enhancement.

But these South African Preachers decided to break the status quo by doing the opposite.

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In some pictures that has gone viral, the Prophetess is seen wearing tight jeans, long eyelashes and extremely long nails.

A lot of people compared her looks to a slay queen. Some even criticised her for looking “worldly” despite being a woman of God.

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See photos below;

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