South African Prophetess And Her Husband Go Viral And Here Is Why (+PHOTOS)

A South African Prophetess Nono Jaravaza of Observers Ministries International are going viral over some of their photos.

Usually Pastors and their wives are often expected to look a certain way.
They are expected to look modest, decent, and presentable.

Pastors wives are expected to wrap their hair in a scarf, do little hair and makeup, wear decent clothes, and add no artificial beauty enhancement.

But these South African Preachers decided to break the status quo by doing the opposite.

In some pictures that has gone viral, the Prophetess is seen wearing tight jeans, long eyelashes and extremely long nails.

A lot of people compared her looks to a slay queen. Some even criticised her for looking “worldly” despite being a woman of God.

See photos below;


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