#SpeakUp: Ghanaians take to social media to express their frustration at the Akufo-Addo administration following tax hikes

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"Nana Addo has failed us" – Ghanaians raise concern over poor governance and insecurity in the country

Ghanaians have taken to social media to vent their frustration over what they describe as poor governance by the President Akufo-Ado-led administration.

Sharing their non-political views under the hashtag [#SpeakUp] most of these Ghanaians believe the time is now for them to speak against all the bad governance structure being run.

According to these people, they have been deceived by Akufo-Addo especially in the lead up to the 2016 election when he promised to protect the public purse, fight corruption and grow the economy…promises they feel the government has failed to deliver.

With the introduction of new taxes coupled with insecurity and an unstable economy, many Ghanaians believe Akufo-Addo has let them down and has not done justice to the faith they reposed in him.

Obaasima Victoria wrote: Having listened since morning I can see there’s a lot to be done in Ghana. I’ll tweet & sign petitions religiously. Until there’s change. I hope this movement keeps going. It can’t just end today. @tv3_ghana SpeakUpGhana

KalyJay wrote: The way the economy make tight dier ebe too much… Now every single day prices of almost everything dey increase, the hardship be too much. #SpeakUpGhana

Janice wrote: Let’s #SpeakUpGhana Does it mean the millions generated in the name of covid fund is finished and they are now coming to tax us? How on earth did we fall for these corrupt criminals again? Covid tax Borla tax Free water tax Betting tax

Kofi Sil wrote: Is like we are made to believe that NDC did the worse to GH. so we have to accept anything they throw at us, like they are doing us a favor. And is like we have no other choice. We have to just keep quiet and take it like that so far as is not NDC in power.

Don Sarkcess: It’s been long overdue. Our leaders regardless the political party they are from take us from granted. Raised taxes, Increased unemployment, bad roads, constant power cuts etc… after 64years of independence

Jay Sterling wrote: Looks like our leaders are taking us for granted. Let’s not forget, we voted for you to serve us and not rule us. It’s about time Ghanaians speak up!!#Speakupghana

Ado Tulenkey wrote: So Akufo Addo defraud Ghanaians with free water as a form of compensation to the economic crises during Covid 19 and has now channeled that indemnity to increment of tax. I thought it was free ?….Next time when you see Free watch very well #SpeakUpGhana 

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