Spending money on a woman just because you are dating her is not generosity, it is foolishness – Reno Omokri tells men

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Reno Omokri, a very opinionated Nigerian lawyer, believes men who spend on women just because they are dating can be described as fools

 According to him, it is never right for a man to spend money on a lady he has not yet married for the reason that he is in love or generous….an act that can best be described as absolute stupidity.

In an Instagram post today, Reno Omokri urged men to move away from spending on women and rather save that money and spend it on their wives. In a nutshell, until you’re married to her, don’t spend on her.

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He wrote:

”A foolish man asked me if it is right to take back gifts you gave to your ex. I said he is asking the wrong question. The right question is, should you give expensive gifts to a woman you are neither married or relate yes to? No. Who appointed you like Santa Claus? Prevention is better than cure.

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Don’t do it! There is nothing wrong with buying your wife even a diamond-studded phone. But why be so stupid as to buy a girlfriend a phone? The phone that she will use to call her new boyfriend if she dumps you? And if you have the audacity to complain, she can even block you with the phone you bought. Be wise, not nice!”

This post did not make one lady [IG: @stellaababy_] happy who described Reno Omokri as “President of Stingy Men Association.”

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Reno Omokri decided to address this comment by stating that men need to be wise and wary of women like her who think men need to supply all their needs and wants.

He replied by writing:
”Dear @stellaababy_,

Those who call me chairman of Stingy Men Association don’t understand the meaning of stinginess. Please research. I gave out ?2.3 million as palliatives during the #COVID19 lockdown.

Spending on women you are neither married or related to, just because you are dating them, is not generosity. It is stupidity.

Why should men give a woman money? Where do you see it in Scripture? Entitlement has totally messed up your mentality. If a man wants to be generous, he spends on the poor, not on women who have high maintenance cost as well as high nuisance value to you.

This is the main reason too many young Black African men are marrying older White women. Because they are pleasantly surprised that there are women who don’t require financial maintenance.

Our women must stop being feminist that still want men’s monies! That is not feminism. That is moneyism!


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