St.Louis’s Ayisha Second Video Of Her ‘Chilling & Twerking’ Pops Up Online

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It’s interesting that even although it’s being several days since the leak of Ayisha was exposed on the internet, more and more people are still zealous about getting more videos of her–Perhaps because of her striking beauty.

Ayisha, a girl who is just 19 yeas old, was caught in a scandal when a video of her being chopped down by 2 boys leaked. In the video that was widely distributed on Whatsapp, Ayisha was seen taking it from all angles and was at some point seen very busy with her mouth—I don’t want to get into details.

Another video of her twerking was leaked and it’s surprising how people rushed to get to see it and now there’s another one of her having fun with two other females of her in a car.

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In the video, she take a turn to twerk—Girl just love twerking mehn!

From what sources have told us at, Ayisha just loves to have fun and she does not miss an opportunity when one presents itself.

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Watch the second video of her twerking below–Well, since she’s become a popular search keyword in Google.


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