‘Starboy Kwarteng Told Me Ashaiman Is Far And Very Dirty’- Failed Ebony Replacement, Kim Maureen Says

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Kim Maureen, the budding musician touted as Ebony’s replacement but never blossomed despite all the hype, has fired shots at his former manager Starboy Kwarteng in an interview on Peace FM. 

On why she couldn’t shine and events leading to her infamous fallout with Ebony’s father, Kim has this to say;

‘Starboy Kwarteng told me Ashaiman is very far and dirty. As an artist, I am not supposed to live there. Therefore, I have to come and stay at his house.

That is what he told me. “1 take care of Mr. Kwarteng’s house. All that wasn’t stated in the contract. I was living in his grandson’s room. Although I had a room I rented with my own money in Ashaiman.” “I wake up in the morning,

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I sweep the house and its back, take care of Ebony’s sister’s daughter. Sometimes even getting money to feed was challenging. However, Starboy shot back in a recent interview with Hitz FM.

Starboy said as the boss of the record label he makes sure the artist has everything adding that he even bought panties for Kim Maureen but she was being lazy in recording songs.

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“My other artiste Kim Maureen is lazy. Kim Maureen was supposed to release 7 albums within the span of 5 years. She promised to do things fast. Kim Maureen was supposed to live in my house while I was away. I gave her one of my rooms in my house I even bought panties for her.

Her task was to work. Record and write. That was what she was employed to do”, he told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.



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