Stay away from Daddy Lumba, your diss song won’t make Lumba pay the 34k debt – Ruthy warns Ampong

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Evidently, Daddy Lumba and Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, two Ghanaian artists, have resumed their battle on social media.

Daddy Lumba and Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong had a falling out in 2016 over the alleged theft of GH340,000.00 from the profits of an album launch.

You may remember that in 2015, Daddy Lumba and Kwadwo Ampong released a smash tune called “Hossana” as part of a group named “Kojo Kojo.”

According to Ampong, there was supposed to be a 50/50 split of the profits made from the release of that song between the two of them and Daddy Lumba, but that never materialized.

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The CEO of Bandex Music claims that Daddy Lumba ran off with the funds and he has yet to get his due.

It’s caused animosity between the bands since even seven years later, Ampong harbors resentment.

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Since then, Daddy Lumba, who is also harboring ill will against Ampong, has made no attempt at reconciliation.

Daddy Lumba recently issued a diss tune called “Ofon nae di asem fo,” which came with a strong warning to an adversary.

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During the DL FM premiere, Daddy Lumba declared, “That worthless man, I am not done dealing with him.”

Based on an analysis of the song’s lyrics, internet users have determined that it is directed against Ampong.

In spite of this, Isaiah Ampong, who has said unequivocally that the diss song was meant for him, has also threatened action.

Great Ampong, who says that the battle line has been drawn, commented on the song by saying that he is finished “cooking” his diss song and would release it very soon.

But reacting to the pending beef, Ruthy has advised Great Ampong to move on with his life and forget about Daddy Lumba as the diss song he intends to release won’t make Daddy Lumba pay the debt.





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