Stephanie Benson reveals why she has tattoos on her stomach

Stephanie Benson, a musician, has said that the reason she got tattoos on her stomach was to “hide stretch marks after having five babies.”

The singer said this in a tweet on Friday, where she showed off her breasts and tattoos. Stephanie, who is known for her racy posts, made the confession and asked her followers, “What would you change about yourself?” with a photo of herself in a blue suit and short skirt with red lipstick.

After 34 years of marriage, Stephanie Benson and Jonathan Benson have five children.

In a chit-chat with a Twitter user on May 18, 2022, and found out that her husband, Jonathan Benson, is the only person she has ever had sexual relations with. This led to a lot of talk on Twitter.

The comment was in response to a tweet that said she must have been sexually active when she was young because she is still racy at age 54. (54).

“I’m really jealous of anyone who got to date Stephanie Benson when she was young. “Menopause freakiness mpo nie na ovulation hormones freakiness my goodness,” the tweet said.

The artist said, “Kay, I’ve only been with one guy my whole life, and I’ve been married to him for 34 years. No one was ever able to do it. Women can be weird, free, faithful, and sexually liberated.

This made her fans react more. Some of them were shocked, and one of them asked her to teach young people how to stay with one man.

The tweet was written in the Pidgin language. It said, “Then aunty, you for come teach these new ones, because no girl in Ghana has these traits and is faithful on top!”

Stephanie’s answer, on the other hand, was that it was wrong to say that women of this generation can’t be faithful.


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