In Ghana, you will never hear police stopped a car and shot the driver- American TV Show host and comedian, Steve Harvey tells Americans

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In a bid to paint a different picture about Africa contrary to the stereotype information the Western media feed the whites, Steve Harvey has passed a complimentary speech about Ghana.

In a recent interview, the famous and rich African American TV host, comedian and author said Ghana is so peaceful that during his recent stay here, he never heard a cop stopping a car and shooting a driver which is prevalent in America.

In an interview with ‘Earn Your Leisure’, Steve Harvey said;

When I’m in Ghana and get stopped by the police, guess what I get? I get a warning, a ticket or I give him a $100 and I drive off… I have never, since I got there seen on the news or nothing that somebody got pulled over by the police and got shot. They don’t shoot you in Africa.

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I think it is beneficial for us to go back home. America is my home but Africa is my homeland. Me going to Africa is like going to a place called home that I’ve never been to. When you land in Africa, you immediately feel good. It is a place I get to walk around and am good all the time because the majority of the people look just like me everywhere I go…people don’t understand how rich of a continent Africa is,” he said.


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