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Hip-hop artists and other well-known criminal offenders in Atlanta are represented by former President Donald Trump’s new main criminal defence attorney in Georgia.

Trump hired attorney Steven Sadow to handle his defence against the alleged racketeering attempts to sabotage his defeat in Georgia in the 2020 U.S. presidential election that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis brought against him.

Mr. Sadow, who is pronounced “say-dow,” is well-known in Atlanta’s legal community as one of the best defence attorneys in the city.

He has defended Usher, the singer, Howard K. Stern, and rappers like T.I. and Rick Ross, so he is no stranger to representing famous people.

Sadow stated in a statement that Trump “should never have been indicted.”

“Prosecutions intended to advance or serve the ambitions and careers of political opponents of the president have no place in our justice system,” he declared in the statement.

Sadow has dedicated his whole legal career to criminal defence work, unlike some defence lawyers who started out as state or county prosecutors.

Sadow claimed in a 2015 interview that he experienced enlightenment at the age of 11 while watching “The Defenders” on a vintage black-and-white television. “I swung around and told my father, ‘That’s what I want to do.

In an interview with Georgia Super Lawyers magazine, he stated, “I want to be a criminal defence attorney.

Usher, Rick Ross, and T.I. are just a few of the musicians that Sadow has worked with. He has also been a significant player in some of Atlanta’s most infamous crimes.

Jeffrey Sweeting was a co-defendant in the murder trial of NFL linebacker Ray Lewis in 2000, and Sadow represented him.

In the double homicide, which occurred after a night of post-Super Bowl revelry in Buckhead, Sweeting was found not guilty.

He served as the primary attorney in the federal racketeering prosecution regarding the Gold Club, a long-gone strip club where athletes would receive sex favours.

Steve Kaplan, the proprietor of the club, pleaded guilty and was given a 16-month prison term in 2002.

Steven Sadow Wikipedia

Although Steven Sadow was born in the 1960s, her precise birthplace and date are unknown. No details are available on her precise age. She was born in the American continent.

Steven Sadow is a well-known American criminal defence lawyer who is best known for representing Donald Trump in his Georgia election racketeering trial.

Sadow has worked with numerous well-known people during his extensive career in this industry. Usher, Rick Ross, and Ty Dolla Sign are a few of his well-known clientele.

In addition to his successful professional career, Sadow is also succeeding in his personal life, where he enjoys a happy marriage to Susan Sadow.

Sadow was a middle linebacker in football and grew up in Trotwood, Ohio, a Dayton suburb.

He was a Marietta College student. (That’s in Marietta, Ohio, not Marietta, Georgia) and earned $1 per hour working at a neighbourhood pool club.

That enabled him to win the billiards championship at his college. Sadow relocated to Atlanta after graduating from Emory Law School.

Steven Sadow Age: How Old Is Steven Sadow?

Although Steven Sadow was born in the 1960s, her precise birthplace and date are unknown. No details are available on her precise age. She was born on the American continent. However, Steven Sadow could be in her early 60s.


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