Stick To One Woman Because Sleeping With Multiple Women Confuses Your Destiny – Comedian Advises Men

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Womanising has become the order of the day for most men of today. Social media is full of stories about cheating spouses and the trauma their partners go through.

While some people are able to overcome being cheated on and move on to other relationships, there are some people who are so traumatized when they are cheated on that they end up hurting others just like they’ve been hurt.

This has prevented many from getting married and commiting to relationships.

Well, a Ghana based Nigerian Comedian, Teekay has advised his colleagues to stop dating multiple partners.

According to Teekay in a Facebook post sighted by dating and sleeping with multiple girls confuses the destiny of men hence the need for them to disassociate themselves from it.

For someone like Counselor Charlotte Oduro, sexual Intercourse goes beyond having fun. She explained that during sexual Intercourse, there is an exchange of soul hence people should be careful of who the sleep with and the number of people they sleep with.

Perhaps, it is with this perception that Teekay is advising his fellow men to stop sleeping about.

Do you agree with him? Share your thoughts with us.

See his post below;

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