Still HOT & GLOWING: Joselyn Dumas Shares Fresh Photos As She Celebrates Birthday

She’s hot, fresh, bootylicious, ‘hippylicious’, single and she’s 35 today but Wikipedia says 39–Yup, A-list actress Joselyn Dumas celebrates her 35 years existence on earth today and for what has become a norm these days she’s dropped her Birthday shoots and she’s taking my breath away, jsdbsfblfbdvdjnvdnfdfdf mdzdsd kndsds —See I didn’t even know what I was typing.

We remember Joselyn Dumas from her days in Perfect Picture, Sting In A Tale and she’s grown to become such an amazing woman– If only I was like 37 and above, I would certainly love to pay her bride price cos damn, she’s like my ideal woman but I’m just some 20 something dude …lol.

Anyways, to hell with my wishful thoughts. Let’s take a look at these photos below of Joselyn Dumas– Happy Birthday and we wish the man dating you, hurry up and marry you this year before I take over his position.



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