Stonebwoy Crushed By Shatta Wale & His Fans In MTV Base Africa Poll & We Can’t Stop Laughing At All

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Stonebwoy certainly does not have the patience of a saint and that’s thrown him into the mockery den of Shatta Wale and the whole of the Shatta Movement fans on Social media. Just yesterday, MTVBase Africa started a poll on their Twitter Platform asking who the fans were vibing for. The first poll included Samini, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale and BebeCool.

To be honest, at the early stage of the first poll, Stonebwoy was in  leading and he retweeted several tweets from his fans who mentioned him saying that, he was winning and would win. At the time, the Waleans had not heard of the poll but within minutes the tables turned around with Shatta Wale leading.

Because the poll was close at the time, Stonebwoy teased Shatta Wale in this tweet below:

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Well, unfortunately for Stonebwoy Shatta eventually emerged the winner by the time the poll ended, making him dumb  on Twitter all of a sudden.

Then MTV Base Africa decided to streamline the polls to just the two artistes, asking who is the Dancehall don in Ghana.

And Shatta Wale won in that poll again.

Ummmmm, we can say Shatta Wale has earned a new title—Dancehall Don

Now this turn out of events is what has caused Shatta Wale himself and his fans to mock Stonebwoy on Social Media. Stonebwoy felt he was going to win both polls but his Social media army were not enough to give him the win he desperately wanted.

It would also be recalled that he threw lots of Shades at Shatta Wale, endorsing a tweet by a fan that Shatta Wale has no talent, something we least expected from him.

Stonebwoy was acting all petty in Twitter by suggesting to MTV Base Africa that, he has more talent than Shatta Wale when he tweeted that saying:

Although Stonebwoy has more followers on Twitter than Shatta Wale, he still couldn’t win in a single poll and now it’s obvious that when it comes to dancehall, no one comes close to Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale who is also excited about the whole turn out of events has plans of releasing a song titled “Comfortable Lead” for Stonebwoy.

This week is going to get interesting! What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box.


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