‘Stonebwoy Getting Me On His Label Is The Best Thing That Has Happened To My Career’- Okailey Verse (OV)

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Dancehall and Afropop singer, Okailey Verse, aka OV has disclosed in a new interview that the best thing that ever happen to her career is getting signed on Stonebwoy’s Burninton Music Group.

Speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the energetic singer said the following:

“It is the best thing that has ever happened with respect to my career. There is love, respect, growth and all. I’m grateful”

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Talking about how she dresses, which has often drawn some form of criticisms, OV said:

“I am an artiste and we are creative people, I think that should be of importance rather than how I appear. The cowries in my hair are not from outside, they belong to us right here so I represent us, our culture and Africa.

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“We should be allowed to do what will make us comfortable and when we are, it reflects in our delivery, as in the songs we churn out,” she replied.

On what the future holds for her, she said she was going to blow people’s minds soon.

“We are working, and though I usually do not want to say things about the future because anything can happen, I believe what will happen is going to be something else,” she said.

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