Stonebwoy Proved He’s Not A Gentleman When He Abandoned ‘Traumatised & Injured’ Wife-Chris Handler

News broke on Social media that, the wife of Stonebwoy, Louisa was injured at Stonebwoy’s concert which happened over the weekend in Ashaiman. According to Stonewboy who made the announcement, he believes the attack was meant for him, but the criminal missed him as the target and ‘cut’ the wife on the back side.

In the post, Stonebwoy was not specific in regards to whether the cut was a small one or a big one. There were little details on her state of health as the post he made seemed to rather highlight on how he ‘abandoned’ his injured wife to still go perform for the fans.

Knife cuts Tru My Tent Missed Me As Target And Cuts wifey on her back side! Minute Before I Hit Stage! But #IstillDeliveredForMyPeople and Rushed To The hospital right after I Got Off Stage… ‬
‪Cant express my gratitude enough to all who Came To make it possible.#ATTWC17 Record Broken!
History Made…. ‬

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This is just an opinion of mine as a blogger and I do not expect everyone to agree with me but if we would be frank, Stonebwoy proved he’s not a gentleman when he abandoned his injured wife, who suffered such an unfortunate incident.

If we are to believe what Stonebwoy posted, the incident happened a minute for him to hit the stage and if we are to make meaning out of what he posted, he must have left his wife in the safe hands of his team to take care her to the hospital.

I don’t know how Stonebwoy was able to gather the strength to go and stage and still perform after there was a ‘threat’ on his own life, which resulted in Louisa getting harmed.

Stonebwoy didn’t just perform 3 songs and left the stage but more than 10 songs and he had soo much energy in him while performing and I wondered if his wife’s condition mattered to him at that very instant.

I am mad because this is not an ordinary knife cut in the kitchen or Louisa hitting her foot against a stone but an attempt by someone to ‘kill’.

Psychologically,  no one would be comfortable or safe when there’s a threat of harm on their own life and if Stonebwoy was not exaggerating about the whole incident and not a normal accident, then, there’s a big question mark to be placed on his marriage.

When Kanye West was performing at a Concert and heard his wife, Kim Kardashian had been attacked by robbers in Paris, he quickly abandoned the show after telling the fans, there’s was a family emergency he had to attend to–That’s what real men do.

One could argue that, the injury wasn’t serious or perhaps Louisa asked him to go and that she would be fine but that shouldn’t even be an excuse because there was no way Louisa could have voiced out what she truly wants him to do at that very instant. Moreso, this was not a ‘million dollar’ show.

I have even come across a screenshot of someone telling a colleague blogger that, although she’s fine, she is traumatized.

When people are traumatized, they need their loved ones close to them,  to get over it.

I know Stonebwoy went to see her at the hospital but that was after the show–After how many hours?

One of the reasons why Chris Attoh’s marriage failed is the fact that, he was too busy with work and wasn’t really around all the time for  Damilola. Perhaps, he loved his job more than the wife.

Honestly, I would have been proud of Stonebwoy if he had abandoned the show and go be with the wife not just because she’s been injured but because of the fact that, this was an ‘attack’ by somebody on his life and his wife rather became the victim.

He could have just gone to the stage and make that announcement to the fans, some will be disappointed but trust me, another concert the following week or so, the attendance would have been tripled.

I know he didn’t want to disappoint his fans because they were there before Louisa came into his life but for me, family should always come first.

This should be a wake-up call to other artistes and event organisers to ensure proper security so that an incident of this nature does not repeat itself in the future.

And Stonebwoy, next time something like this happens, go to Louisa first, the fans would understand.