Stop Attacking Funny Face For Featuring On My Jerusalem Soup Remix – Ajeezay Burst Out

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Comedian, Ajeezay has lost it after some started attacking Funny Face for featuring on the Remix of his Jerusalem Soup cover.

The Jerusalem Soup after its release became an instant hit due to the nature of it and a snippet video of it which went viral during the release.

This gave the comedian some immediate hype and The next thing from the comedian was a Remix to the song which featured Funny Face.

But sadly, most people are attacking Funny Face for trying to tap into Ajeezay’s Shine, saying he called for the remix to also get a shine from the trend.

This is what has hurt comedian Ajeezay so much, making him come out to clear the air, saying Funny Face never contacted him for the Remix but he was the one who rather contacted Funny Face for it.

He pleaded with people to stop saying that about his big brother and boss because all he did was to give him a helping hand to make his Jerusalem Soup a much bigger one.

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Some respect on @therealfunnyface ‘s name … he doesn’t deserve this negative energy!!! GOD BLESS YOU BOSSU

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