“Stop begging people for money and start hustling” – Edem counsels

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"Stop begging people for money and start hustling" – Edem counsels

Ghanaian artist Denning Edem Hotor aka Edem has advised all who have become overnight serial beggars to make a shift and start hustling on their own.

According to the “Heyba” hitmaker, begging should be a shameful act to people who do it but sadly, these people do not see anything wrong with it.

Sharing a tweet on social media, Edem said it is pure stupidity on the side of anyone who takes pride in begging people for money but shuns away from putting their hands and mind to work.

He advised all to move away from begging and start making money on their own by embracing any kind of legit work that comes their way.

Some of you are not ashamed to beg for money:But u are ashamed of certain job types…Pure stupidity..Be proud of whatever hustle won’t make you beg #Gbevunation #Gogetem

Edem’s tweet addresses the recent social media phenomenon where people have become serial beaggars who are always asking people for favours.

One fan wrote: It is not that they are ashamed of the job but many are wise now. Could you imagine a politician telling someone to start from somewhere before getting the job in a financial institution named withheld but was able to push his brother’s son for same job without an experience?


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