Stop Body Shaming Us, Celebs Have Feelings Too – Selina Boateng To Critics

Selina Boateng, a gospel singer, is speaking out against social media body shaming of women, particularly celebrities.

Using her platform to raise awareness of the need to treat celebrities with respect, she wants to put an end to this terrible conduct.

The singer of the band Alpha & Omega brought up the negative effects that body shaming can have on anybody, regardless of their level of popularity or success, in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

She emphasized that people should treat famous people with love and empathy because they, too, have feelings and insecurities.

“The effects of body shaming are not confined to the public eye. They trickle down to influence societal attitudes towards body image and self-esteem and this toxic behaviour needs to stop.

“Behind every celebrity’s public persona lies a human being with emotions, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. When you make mockery of someone’s appearance, you’re not just attacking their image, but you’re also affecting their mental and emotional well-being,” she added.

A few weeks ago, Selina Boateng was mocked for wearing a corset-fitting dress. Selina looked uncomfortable and out of breath while flaunting the dress.

Corset dress has become a popular dress amongst Ghanaian women. The aim of wearing such dresses is to create the illusion of having a smaller waist.

While it looks good on some people, it makes other women look as if they are about to explode. While Corset dresses make ladies look attractive and sexy, it is one of the most uncomfortable dresses a woman can wear.

Well, after she was bashed several times, Selina has finally asked her critics to stop body shaming her.


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