Stop Building With Men And Start Making Your Own Money So That You Don’t Become Stuck When Things Go Sour In The Relationship – Actress Georgina Onuoha

Georgina Onuoha has said she doesn’t believe in the philosophy of ”building with a man”.

The former Nigerian actress made this statement while advising women not to put all their hopes financially on their husbands, instead, they should ensure they have their own money.

She shared a video of TV host Stephanie Ruhle giving the same advice to women.

Georgina then wrote that she began working at age 9 to make money.

She added that she doesn’t believe in building with a man and then advised women who believe in such to remember to also build for themselves while building for a man.

She wrote:
Dear women,
Know this and have your peace personally I do not believe in the philosophy of ” building with a man” which is why I started working at the age of 9 with my mum to date

But if you believe in building with a man, reasonable and fair enough, just make sure you build yourself as you are building with him or her. Do not give up your life and career for anyone or anything.
Build you and other things will fall in place.
A self-sufficient and reliant woman has no fear when the unexpected happens in a relationship”.

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