Stop catching pressure on scammers’ money – Bridge Otoo mocks Hajia4Real

Media personality Bridget Otoo has taken to her Twitter page to mock Hajia4Real after news of her arrest went viral.

Former AMG member and artist Showboy first broke the news of the arrest of the musician and socialite Haija4Real in the United Kingdom.

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After Showboy broke the news of Hajia’s arrest on Snapchat, a lot of people including some bloggers were shocked while some asked him to retract as Hajia4Real has not been detained by UK authorities as reported by Showboy.

But it seems the rumor about the socialite now turned musician is true as reports have gone viral. According to the report, Hajia4Real was arrested for an $8 million fraud. She is currently detained for questioning in the UK.

In the midst of the arrest brouhaha, Bridget Otoo has taken to her page to mock Hajia4Real. According to her, people should be content with life and what they have and stop catching pressure on scammers’ money.

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