Stop Giving Excuses To Cheat On Your Wives And Start Pampering And Listening To Their Needs – Charlotte Oduro Descends On Married Men

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Marriage and relationship expert, Counselor Charlotte Oduro has for once taken the sides of women and advised married men to stop giving flimsy excuses to cheat on their wives.

According to her in an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, a lot of married women are unhappy and embittered because their husbands no longer treat them like they used to.

She explained that as a marriage counselor one of the major challenges these women present to her concerning their marriage is that they don’t make love to them.

” Majority of these married men have neglected their wives and are giving the attention to side chicks. She will cook for you, clean, wash, and take care of the children and by the time she is done, she looks exhausted and can barely take care of her physical look. As a loving husband, Instead of going to other younger and prettier women, take your wife out on vacation, one in a while but her gifts, help her out with the chores at home, order food instead of allowing her cook, and trust me, she will always look attractive to you.

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” Another major issue these women complain about is the fact that they never reach orgasm. The men just want to penetrate and cum and don’t care about pleasing their women. Some of the pastors wives also experience this alot. Their husbands don’t kiss them, fondle them, or even play with them for them to feel loved and appreciated.” She stated.

She went ahead to advise married men to start listening to the emotional needs of their wives and start treating them better if they want to live long on earth.


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