“Stop having plenty sexual rounds, save that energy for election 2020” – Police commander orders officers

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"Stop having plenty s3xual rounds, save that energy for election 2020" – Police commander orders officers

Officers of the Ghana Police Service have been admonished to reduce the number of sexual rounds so they can conserve much energy and strength to render tight security before, during and after the 2020 general elections.

Making this announcement to the police officers, the Accra Regional Police Commnader DCOP Afful Boakye-Yiadom, said men and women must not live by plenty sexual rounds alone but be sober in order to have what it takes to be useful during this tense political season.

“Control yourself, we all need the energy to work during the election I, therefore, advise all of you to eat well, reduce your sexual rounds for you to get the energy to work well before, during and after 2020 elections,” he said.

Additionally, the Director-General in charge of Operations of the Ghana Police service DCOP Kwaku Boadu-Peprah warned the officers against participating in partisan political endeavours.

“As a policeman, you are not supposed to involve yourself in any political activity. You can only do that when you enter the polling booth, there you can exercise your power”.

“When it is time for the election, we are just going out there to discharge our duty and at the end of it whoever comes to power it is none of our business, we support the government of the day”, he said.

All these announcements were made at the march route organized by the police service to instil confidence in the populace to believe that the police are competent enough to ensure law and order and to protect properties and lives before, now and even after the elections.

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