‘Stop Monitoring People’s Womb’- Lydia Forson

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Lydia Forson

Outspoken Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has brandished her trademark no-nonsense persona once again on Twitter with a new message directed at whoever it may concern.

Lydia apparently directed her message at people who often troll barren women or women who are yet to give birth after years of marriage.

Lydia argued that for all we know, the woman in question might have gone through series of miscarriages or simply doesn’t want to have babies at all hence people should mind their business and stop bothering themselves with when others would get pregnant.

She tweeted “Before you ask a woman why she doesn’t have any children, stop and think. Is it your business? For all you know, she’s had a miscarriage, can’t have children, is desperately trying or maybe just doesn’t want any. Stop monitoring people’s wombs.”

Lydia then shared an experience which perhaps formed the bases of her message: “I know a friend who’d just lost a baby by miscarriage- a few days later, someone saw her in church and said she should hurry up and have children because she’s not getting any younger.”

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