Stop Pulling Your “Joystick” To Make It Longer – Doctor Advises Men

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Most men of today in their quest of having bigger and longer manhood resort to all manner of things and concoctions.

Some of these men take all kinds of herbal medication to make their manhood stronger and also make them last longer in bed. Well, a Nigerian Doctor by name  Dr Olufunmilayo has taken to his Twitter page to advice men who like pulling their manhood for it to become longer to desist from doing it.

According to Dr Olufunmilayo, no matter the size of the penis, no amount of pulling will make it longer.

He wrote; Someone needs to hear this, Stop Pulling your Penis, Stop Pulling your Penis, Stop Pulling your penis. They Will never make it longer!! You are only wasting your time! Whether crayon or cucumber, what matters is NOT the size of the equipment but the expertise of the owner.”

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