“Stop putting stuff into the Tonga to make it tight” – Ghanaian Nurse advises young ladies [Video]

A Ghanaian Nurse has dished out some piece of advice to young women who often insert creams into their private to make it tighter for men to enjoy.

There have been a lot of creams and herbal products on the market which help women keep themselves clean but most often, a lot of them tend to go beyond the natural way of keeping their tight area clean.

As sëx has become part of the daily activities for most men and women, there is also the constant need to keep places in the best shape so one can enjoy sëx to the fullest.

While men resort to taking concoctions to last longer in bed to satisfy their women, ladies, on the other hand, take medicines that also tighten the vägïnå making it more enjoyable for the men.

According to the Ghanaian nurse in the video below, the medicines that are designed to keep the vägïnā tight have long-term side effects on those who use them.

She stressed that aside from sex being the risk factor, inserting unnatural items there is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer.

See the video below to learn more;

Source: GhBase


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