“Stop Reaching Out To People Only When You Need Them” –Aprokor Doctor Advises

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

The Nigerian medical Doctor known as Aprokor Doctor has advised people to desist from reaching out to people only when they need them.

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To some people, you become important to them only when they need something from you and that is the only point they try to reach out to you.

Aprokor Doctor believes that relationships are not sustained in this way.

One would always have to try to check up on others they care about always and not only when they need them.

He admonished people who do this to desist from reaching out only at a point they need someone but make it a genuine habit to reach out and check on people every time.

Relationships have been strained because of this because when a person gets to find out that they are only needed when there is trouble, they tend to lay back and just watch and the result is that they end whatever relationships with you because it feels like they are being used.

Stop reaching out to people only when you need them. That’s not how relationships are sustained,” Aprokor Doctor wrote on Twitter.

For a better relationship with family and friends, he admonishes that you stop reaching out to them only when you need them.

Constant communication builds solid relationships and that should be the goal for everybody.

See his post below;

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