Stop trying to be a hero or so called freedom fighter at the expense of insulting politicians – Archipalago advises #fixthecountry activists

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US-based Ghanaian, Archipalago has advised Ghanaian youths who have made it a point to insult leaders all in the name of fighting for their right to desist from such acts.

According to Archipalago, one can voice out his frustrations in a nicer way than to send your message across with insults.

Guess he’s giving this advice in relation to the constant attacks by another US-based Ghanaian Twene Jonas who constantly attack and insults leaders in the country for the bad governance.

In a tweet, Archipalago made mention of the fact that these politicians who are constantly attacked and insulted are the same people who control affairs in the world and nothing can be done to stop that.

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He, therefore, advised the youth to stop insulting leaders all in the name of trying to be a hero or freedom fighter.

“Advice to the youth!

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Stop trying to be a hero or so called freedom fighter at expense of insulting politicians cos they control the world we living in!”

Tweet below;

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