Stop Wasting Your Money On Surgery, Hit The Gym, Get A Dietitian And Be Disciplined – Stephanie Benson Advises Women

Stephanie Benson

Ghanaian singer, Stephaine Benson has issued a letter detailing the dangers of cosmetic surgery particularly Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) to her fans.

Her message comes after news of a Nigerian lady who died from a failed cosmetic surgery procedure went viral on social media.

Known for her amazing figure at 51 years after five kids, Stephaine Benson has been a vocal advocate for women taking care of their bodies through regular exercises.

“Please pay attention to BBL cosmetic Surgery Disaster stories Ladies.  Do not take them for granted.
Although All cosmetic surgeries have some level of risk, BBL(Brazilian Butt Lip Enhancement) is a dangerous cosmetic surgery procedure. Especially performed outside of areas where board certification is not verifiable or in most cases, forged. Countries offering bargain Plastic surgery do not have stringent ethical and patient safety requirements which can be followed by other Board certified Plastic surgeons.

In some cases, When The injection of fat inadvertently goes into one of the deep blood vessels, Fat can travel to the heart and lungs resulting in cardiopulmonary collapse. The mortality rate from BBL is AS HIGH AS 1 in 3000. And increasing.

The risk is soo high most reputable surgeons will not perform the procedure. It’s a risk inherent to the operation, not just the issue of who is doing the surgery, unregulated surgeons’ table will increase the risk immensely. I know sometimes we want what we want, but In the case of a Nice Butt, Exercise can give you mostly what you want, a healthy firm rounded attractive butt. If it’s your self-esteem, Endorphins released from exercises can increase Happy hormones which will elevate your self-esteem.

If you have the money to spare. 1. Get a Trainer 2. Hire a Dietitian or Nutritionist 3. See a psychologist (optional)
And watch your body change the healthy way. Unnaturally extended BBL images may make you feel it’s as easy as having your tooth pulled out,. Remember, you have 1 in 3000 chances of dying. What value do you put on your life. The choice is always yours. Make Smart informed decisions”

See her post below;

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