The Story Continues On Utv’s What Life Took From Me

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I have recieved a whole lot of messages from my readers ever since this telenovela started airing on UTV. Yes, i mean “What Life Took From Me” or Lo que la vida me robó. For those of you who have not had the chance to watch it, well you are missing a whole lot and to those who watch it, i know you can make meaning of my opinion on the story so far.

Just a quick reminder of what the whole story is about. The whole story is about a young woman called Monserat who is a lead character, falls in love with a man who has nothing but a big heart full of love but the mother of the girl who is an opportunist was not happy about the relationship her daughter has and  cohereces her to marry a rich young man called Alejandro who had recieved lots of wealth from his father who passed away, whom he did not know he was his father until the day he was about to die. Alejandro who has become very rich, in his quest to for true love pays the mother of Monse, to help him get married to that beautiful girl he had fallen in love with the very first time, they met at the beach by accident. Alejandro got married to Monse, thinking Monse had done so genuinely, but realises it’s been all a lie after their marriage. Jose Loius who is also the young man, Monseraat truly loves, was accused of a crime he did not commit all arranged by Gracielia, mother of Monse, but he manages to escape their trap by the help of his friend and passes himself in the house of Alejandro as a foreman, with the intention of taking his beloved Monse away from Alejandro. Things got tough when he arrived, Monserrat was reluctant to leave with him and each time, they tried, they failed until Monserrat finally decided not to leave again. Now that was the beginning of the whole story. Monserrat who never loved Alejandro gradually fell deeply in love with him and was unwillingly to now sacrifice that love for his First Love Jose Loius.

Fast forwarding the story a bit, Jose Louis finally had to leave the ranch of Alejandro when he had killed a police officer who wanted to kill Alejandro and it was after he left, that Alejandro comes to know of the truth that, the foreman he treated as a friend was the same enemy he had been looking for all the time, yes, and he got sooo angry and with his temper, he sacked his wife Monserrat from the ranch togther with a maid who is his real mother. He brings back his childhood friend, Maria who he had sacked from the ranch previously when she attempted making love to him unknown to him, i hope you remember all that.

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Now the story is a bit long, infact very long, i could write everything about the story from the beginning to the end, word by word, scene by scene but to save time, i would end the story where it is currently showing now and give my opinion on what i think of the story so far.

For what i get from my readers, i could tell many of them are on the side of Alejandro now because they feel, Alejandro had not been fair to Monserat by sacking her from the house especially when she is pregnant. I want to put myself in Alejandro’s shoes now. I strongly support Alejandro not because i feel what he did is right, but because i understand what it feels like to be lied to by the one you love soo much.

Now let’s be frank, Monse did lots of wrong for not telling Alejandro from the very beginning that Jose Louis had come to the ranch. Why? You would remember that, when Alejandro was trying to understand why Monseratt did not tell him she was already engaged to a young man before her mother forced her to marry him, to save her father’s life and their house, she told him everything about Jose Loius and how much she loved him. Now for her to have been able to tell Alejandro everything, the first thing she should have done was to tell him the moment Jose Louis came to the ranch, it would have been much easier then, but she kept quite about it, although she asked Jose Louis to leave several times and even told the Church Father about it, it wasn’t enough. If she was sacred back then, she should have done it when she realised she had fallen in love with him finally, but she kept  quite about it. It is very very true that when a man is jealous, it’s more than that of a woman, because a man who is jealous really loves his woman and cannot stand it when another man comes between them. Alejandro felt he had been fooled all along, and the fact that Monse had kept that from him was enough for him to believe that she had something doing with Jose Louis. When you love someone, you don’t keep secrets from them, because if they found out from someone else but not you, it’s really painful. People would argue that if Monse had told him he would have killed Jose Louis but i disagree, he would have been angry but would know that Monse really loves him, that’s why she’s had the courage to tell him that. The best way is to always tell the truth to your partner before they find it out from another person.

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Please feel free to also share your opinions on what you think with me in the comment box or on whatsapp.
Some people want to stop watching, but hey, don’t you would be surprised by how the story will end, it’s one that will make you cry especially when…..i won’t tell you now. Check out for my next post, i will tell you some secret about the telenovela soon.


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