The Story Of Jesus Christ Was Made Up, So I Don’t Believe In Him-Mzbel

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This is something one might not have expected from the “Am 16 Years” hit singer, Mabel.

Mzbel, who recently celebrated her tenth anniversary in the music industry has disclosed in an interview that, she does not believe in Jesus Christ.

She was on “Restoration With Stacy” on TV3 and her confession astonished the host of the show just like it did to us.

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Replying the question thrown at her by the host of the show. “do you believe in Jesus Christ?’ Mzbel  said “ I don’t want to offend anybody. I used to believe in it but i did my own research and I think it was made up. I might be wrong. The same story 5000 years ago happened in Egypt”

Mzbel made reference to the story of Horus, an acient Egyptian god, whose story has some similarities with that of Jesus Christ.

“Horus mother was a virgin, before Horus was born an angel came and spoke to Horus’ mother. He did miracles at the age of 12, he had disciples”

When also asked about the prophesy in the old testament which spoke about the coming of a messiah, she said that, she believes the prophecy about a messiah, but then she threw a question back at the host-how do you know Jesus Christ is the Messiah”

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Well, there you have it, at least we know of this one celebrity who claims she does not believe in Jesus Christ. 

Watch her interview on the show below:


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