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GET THE STORY OF UTV’S THE UNLOVED, “LA MALQUERIDA”.  Yet again, UTV has introduced another new telenovela “La malquerida” which translates as “The Unloved“. For sometime i thought they were no longer going to show a second telenovela and were going to stick to just one telenovela especially when some entertainment pundits have criticised them for too much of foreign content.

Well, luckily for telenovela lovers like you and I, UTV has yet rolled another new one. I had the opportunity to watch some of the episodes before putting this article. I love UTV for one thing, they don’t show old telenovelas at all. They always show the trending telenovelas and as at the time i was putting up this article, this telenovela “The Unloved” is still airing on tv stations in Mexcico and they were showing episode 105. I think it stems from the fact that, they have the money to buy the copyrights for these telenovelas, because it’s much expensive buying the rights for fresh telenovelas, so do pardon them if they have lots of advert inserts through it, because that’s how they make their money so they can deliver fresh telenovelas to you always.

So what’s the story all about! It’s something you will love. Read the sypnosis below to get what it’s all about.
La malquerida  translated as “The Unloved”   tells the story of Acacia Benavente, a girl who loses her father, Alonso, when he is killed by an avalanche intentionally provoked by man whom he trusted. When Acacia’s mother Cristina finds love again after being widowed for just a year, Acacia is enraged and leaves the ranch in which they live to go live her grandparents. She returns 12 years later, now a stunningly beautiful young woman and without her realizing it, awakens in Esteban, her stepfather, a deep and passionate desire.

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Cristina, suddenly widowed, learns that her husband had mortgaged their ranch, La Benavente, to cover the crops and livestock. Not finding a solution to pay the costs, she decides that it is best to sell the ranch and go live with her parents, her heart breaking at the thought that Acacia would lose the ranch she and her father loved so much. These plans change when Esteban, a young ranch hand, offers help to save the property.

After much effort between Cristina and Esteban, they manage to bring the Benavente ranch back to its former glory and fall in love. Acacia, who was then a little girl, could not understand the love they both had as she could not yet overcome the recent loss of her father, and she wants to leave the ranch. After sometime, Cristina’s parents convince her to allow Acacia to go live with them, so she can heal from the death of her father and learn to accept the relationship between her mother and Esteban.

After eight years, Acacia returns to the estate as a beautiful young woman whom Esteban does not recognize. Acacia makes it clear that she rightful owner of the ranch, and she refuses accept his relationship with her mother. Esteban welcomes her into the ranch with open arms and tries to get along with her but Acacia only treats him with hostility.

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Since Acacia’s return to the ranch, Manuel, her childhood friend, pushed by his father’s insistence that he court Acacia, decides that he is in love with her and intends to marry her. At this time, Acacia meets Ulysses, and the two begin a romance. Esteban begins to feel a deep jealousy towards their relationship and does everything he can to keep Acacia and Ulysses away from each other during their frequent break ups although Acacia and Ulysses always end up getting together again. Ulysses is spending time away from Acacia because of his work, and she sees him in the company of an attractive real estate agent. Acacia seeks comfort from Esteban and begins to feel increasingly confused about her feelings for Esteban as her childhood affection for him becomes an amorous attraction. Confused about her feelings, she marries the now-injured Manuel despite the fact that she does not love him and knows that he is manipulating her.

Esteban, jealous of Acacia and Manuel’s marriage, intrigues and lies in order to separate the two, causing his marriage to Cristina to become “a chain of bitterness and strife.” Cristina and Acacia must face all the obstacles to find true love and bring happiness and peace back to the Hacienda Benavente.

Please drop your comments on what you’d expect and all of your questions. I will be adding the song and it’s english lyrics  later on here once i am able to get permission from the owners.


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