Strange happening as lady returns home to find a strange man and his girlfriend sleeping in her bedroom [Video]

A video going viral on social media captures the unbelievable moment a lady who had returned from a long trip came to meet total strangers relaxing in her room.

It is one of the scary things no one would ever want to encounter in his life as it tends to put some fear in you for the rest of your stay in the room.

The video captures when the lady who owns the house confronted the two people who had broken into her home.

The lady returned home from an interstate trip to find an unknown man and his girlfriend living in her house as though they own it.

The lady caught both of them sleeping in her bedroom, and they seem to know her because while interrogating the man, he said that he did not think she would return from her trip so soon.

When the homeowner walked into the room, the man stood up immediately but his girlfriend was still lying down. He then asked her to get up as he packed the bag they came with.

The lady asked him how he was able to get in, and he explained that there are three ways one can easily enter her house.

Video below;

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