“Street Is Smart, Book Is Smart; If Hustling Works For You, Don’t Discourage Those Studying, The Goal Is To Succeed”-Rico Swavey

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There are people who will always downplay what others have chosen to do in their lives as they strive to succeed, but the Nigerian Reality star, Rico Swavey believes no one should be discouraged on whatever they have decided to do in their bid to put bread on their table and do exploits for themselves.

According to him, if hustling on the streets is what has appeared to work for an individual, they should not be chastising those who seek further studies, likewise, those who have chosen to do further studies need not discourage those hustling on the streets.

To Rico Swavey, the street is smart, just as the book is.

On his part, what matters is to succeed and whichever way one goes about it should not be the point of contention once it will lead them to success.

“If hustling works for you, don’t discourage those studying…

If studying works for you, don’t discourage those hustling…

Street is smart, Book is smart.

The goal is to SUCCEED,”

Rico Swavey wrote on Twitter.

Below is the screenshot of the tweet by Rico Swavey;

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