‘Stubborn’ woman sits on a coffin to prevent a corpse from being buried, here’s why

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A defiant woman enacted a brief drama somewhere in Nigeria when she refused a burial ceremony to hold near her house.

The scenario was recorded at Delta State, and according to the explanation attached to the video going viral, the mourners had wanted to bury the corpse close to her building which she vehemently opposed.

When her protest was met with fierce resistance from the people as they went ahead to dig the grave, she resorted to sitting on the coffin, thus preventing them from lowering it into the grave.

In the end, the family of the deceased dug another grave elsewhere to bury the deceased.

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See reactions:

Suz Ebbiddo Cruise country. May be the dead person was her enemy or she feels the person wicked🤣. Old women are so dramatic sha

Nwakpa Ego Is her right mybe them cut from her land join if truly this caption is what happened u can’t intimidate her just like that mybe bc she don’t have children or anyone to speak for her……..immediately there burry that person there automatically the land or space isn’t for her again so there need to settle everything before putting the desease inside the grave….

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Bishop Classic Dead body be like dry fish, the soul don move and relocate either to heaven or hell fire, sitting on the casket is like sitting in executive chair, meanwhile the land is her’s, if you need to bury the dead there negotiate it with her, her mind now be say if you like dig the grave for my pallor, this dead body no go enter there, thank God the family where able to locate baba Nnamdi arbadone land to bury the dead, all glory to God, but baba Nnamdi is not aware yet, let’s wait for episode 2 on season1 futuring baba Nnamdi and the ghost 👻👻👻👻 coming out soon….

Zamani Bantex Na her right she fight for nothing bad there. Why you go carry dead body come bury for another person land? If you no get place to bury am put then carry am go evil forest go bury na. No time 😉 we declare Vawlance


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