Student creates confusion for young lady and her boyfriend after he handed love note to her in the presence of the guy- Watch

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A schoolboy pulled a prank on his classmate just to see her reaction and perhaps see how she really loves her boyfriend. 

He, therefore, scribbled something on a piece of paper that he tagged as a love note and handed it over to the pretty girl who was by then sharing a lovely moment with her boyfriend who also happens to be a classmate.

Apparently, the guy was furthering a social media trend of passing notes to girls in class and decided to try it with a girl he had a crush on.

He was filmed walking up to the girl and handing the supposed love notes to her, paying no attention to her boyfriend with whom she was sharing jokes at that moment.

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The female student read the content of the piece of paper and his guy seeing the spark on her face decided to read it too but she did not allow him.

After reading it, she stood up against her boyfriend’s objection, to go find the guy who gave her the note. Watch the video,

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