Student Lands In Trouble For Looking At Too Much ‘Botos’ Of Female Blogger

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It’s hard to see a beautiful girl pass by without people stealing glances at her. Every beautiful girl would admit that, boys pass compliments about them every single day but some beauties can land others in trouble and that’s what happened to a student of the University of Professional Studies after he stole too many glances at the Instagram Celebrity, Lharley on the campus of UPSA yesterday, May 31st, 2018.

An insider has told that, one of the students of the school, has landed himself in debts for staring at Lharley Lhartey’s big bu** without caution. Narrating the incident to us via email, the person who chose to be anonymous told the site that, the Instagram celebrity who is also a student of UPSA, was on campus yesterday to write her exams and was in a fitting blue trouser with a red stripe with a matching white shirt. After the exams, she was walking with her other girlfriends and almost everyone was staring at her because of the obvious.

But it seems, one boy was overdoing it as he continued to steal gazes at her without taking a break or watch the direction he was heading. He then bumped into another guy who was coming his way and was also on his iPhone and BOOOM, his phone fell from his hands and the screen cracked.

Lharley Lhartey
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According to the source, the boy who’s phone crashed almost crashed almost slapped the boy, for bumping into him. After a few exchanges of words and throwing of the blame game cards around, the boy who was staring at Lharley agreed to pay for the cost of the screen fix.

But our source told us, it happened from a distance away from where Lharley was, so she didn’t notice the harm her big bu** had caused.

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Well, it seems the girl has been doing some more butt exercises because her recent photo on her Instagram shows a massive improvement.

So next time, you decide to stare at that booty, make sure it does not land you in debts.