Subtle Prostitution On The Rise In Ghana: Another Girl Also Goes LIVE On Facebook Showing Her Naked Self

Things are fast changing in our world and it’s not longer surprising to come across n*dity all over Social media these days. Most of our young girls have now decided to resort to making money off the many perverts in the country and the increase in demand for their services, is paving way for many more girls to jump into this booming business.

It’s said that Pr*stit*tion is the oldest profession in the world and every now and then, people are inventing new ways to practice it subtly without necessarily being tagged as one.

Just yesterday, we observed how another girl known on Facebook as Cuttie Brooklyn  stripped nakked in a Facebook group called SnapChicks. Oh yes! if you are a member of the many naughty groups on Facebook, where these girls take advantage of the pervert nature of most humans, you must have watched her live videos in the said Facebook group.

From what we gather, it’s something that she does for a living and also one of the many girls who now charge at least a minimum of Ghc50 a month for you to gain full access to their so called ‘Premium Snapchat Accounts‘. We hear she charges Ghc150 a month for one to be part of her premium subscribers for all access pass—Yeah, all access pass, would let you see all you want to see, let her to do all that you want her to do and perhaps if you have good bargaining skills, you could score a point to win you the ticket to her errrrrmmm…..

This trend has been there for long and most girls are now into it since it fetches more money than even working in a corporate world with your masters degree.

Imagine an average girl has 100 ‘Perverts’ who are paying Ghc50 a month to her, that’s some Ghc5,000 a month. If she charges Ghc100 and has 100 clients, that’s Ghc10,000 a month right there. So there is some level of motivation for these girls to throw away their dignity and do all of the shiddy stuff for the money. Even if they had a degree, they wouldn’t be ending that much.

Even the ones who are not really ‘Nice’ are banking in, so how much more the very beautiful ones?

Unfortunately guys, I am not in the group, so I didn’t get to watch the videos but a friend who watched them said she deleted them right after if she went LIVE, so it was hard to download the video but I still managed to get part one of it.

The girls in all of these are not alone, they’v earned the support of many perverts in the groups who encourage and dare them to strip if they feel they are the real ‘Big Girls’ and for most girls who are hungry and perhaps pushed to do these out some crazy desire to please people strip and show it all.

But I can’t judge anyone–We all sin differently anyways ?

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Written By Chris Handler

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