Success will not jump from the sky to meet you, you have to work hard for it – Salma Mumin advises fans (screenshot)

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Ghanaian sensational actress and entrepreneur Salma Mumin has a piece of advice for her fans about success.

The delectable actress took to her Instagram page to write a lengthy advice on what makes someone successful.

According to Salma Mumin, success is not by accident and aspiring to live a luxurious life will not come by chance or luck but by hard work, commitment and seriousness.

In her post she wrote; Success is no accident, living a great life will not come by luck or change, it won’t fall from the sky.
The good news is there are principles that leads to success.
If you commit to do the things successful people do, you will live the life of success and happiness.
One of which is working!
There is nothing you cannot achieve if you are willing to work.

You will lead the life of success and happiness!”

Well, the wise woman has spoken, let he who have ears listen.

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