Suck him hard, cook and dedicate all your time for him but he’ll still cheat – Princess Shyngle thinking aloud

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Princess Shyngle

We can’t actually say it on authority if Princess Shyngle is suffering from Schizophrenia since parting ways with her Senegalese boyfriend over cheating. This is because her recent posts on social media following the painful breakup has always geared towards why men cheat on good women?

As if she has not gotten the right answers to her plight as once again, Princess Shyngle has taken to Instagram to advise ladies not to worry their heads in reference to how to keep a man forever as men by nature can’t resist anything in skirt.

“Suck his dick, throw it back, handle the back shots, support his dreams, never give his pussy up, text him “be safe & have fun” every time he leaves the house, ask him if he ate, how his day was. be loyal, show him off, and I guarantee you he’s still gonna cheat Sis”, she posted.

Understanding the above post from inferential logic, all that Princess Shyngle is trying is postulate is that no matter how a woman treats her man, chances are that the man will cheat on the woman.

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