Supreme Court Judge Unhappy About Kukum Bhagya And The Rest

The influx of telenovelas has divided opinions in the country. Whilst some are absolutely thrilled by the prospect of the entertainment and unlimited dose of fun associated with these telenovelas, others are strictly against it and want the government and stakeholders to salvage the situation.

Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah, a justice of the Supreme Court, has added his voice to the foregoing debate. The high profile judge is not enthused at all about the upsurge of these foreign drama series on our networks. According to him, the voice-overs in the local languages increase the insidious appeal for such films in the country.

TV3, in a bid to command more viewership, started foreign drama series from Mexico and Southern America in 1998. Ghanaians instantly caught the bait which prompted other TV stations to join the bandwagon. Without exaggerating, I can boldly say each TV station Ghana show at least three telenovelas, with UTV,TV3 and Adom TV leading the pack.