SURVEY: Over 50% of compound houses in Kumasi have no toilets

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The government has over the years been doing all the necessary things to ensure that all homes, especially ones with shared compounds and facilities, have their own toilet facilities.

This brought about the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Sanitation and Water Project for Ghana to increase access to improved sanitation and improved water supply with an emphasis on low-income communities.

The sanitation and water project which was started in Accra is expected to be implemented in the Ashanti region.

According to a report filed by, over 50% of people who live in compound houses in Greater Kumasi do not have access to toilet facilities and proper water systems. 51% of compound houses in Greater Kumasi have no toilets facilities at their disposal.

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This was made known by officials of the Greater Kumasi Sanitation and Water Project. According to them, the absence of toilet facilities in compound houses has created a heavy dependence on public toilets and the use of unapproved places for the disposal of human excreta.

Following the implementation of the Sanitation and Water Project in Accra, the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources considered it necessary to replicate the project in Kumasi.

The Ministry, with the help of the government, applied and received $50m from the World Bank for the project to kick start in the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area [GKMA].

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The project was launched in 2020 and is expected to start in October this year and end in 2024. The project components include increasing access to sanitation services in priority low-income areas.


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